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Minecraft: Java Edition Mentioned Features This article is about Java Edition features mentioned by Mojang developers. From the very beginning of Minecraft development, Mojang AB developers have noted a number of features. These features are either currently planned for the next update, but have not yet appeared in the developer version, or were simply discarded or forgotten. Planned These features are planned to come to Minecraft sometime in the future, in an update that has not yet been determined. Combat changes A new combat system is currently in development which will only allow the player to attack when their weapon is fully charged among other changes. Fletching and smithing table functionality Fletching tables and smithing tables were set to gain functionality in "the next major themed update". However, they may not get their functionality in Java Edition 1.16. The exact usage of these blocks has not been announced. Biome updates Desert and savanna were the biomes that did not win the MINECON Earth 2018 "biome chooser" vote. Their features are promised to be added in a yet-unknown future update: Deserts will be given palm trees, oases, and meerkats. Savannas will be given baobab trees, termites, and ostriches. As a result of the biome vote at MINECON LIVE 2019. The mountains biome will receive new features sooner than the badlands and swamp, but later than Java Edition 1.16. Mountains will be given goats, a new type of snow, and better terrain generation. Badlands will be given vultures, tumbleweed, and a new type of cacti. Swamps will be given frogs, mangrove trees, and a new type of boat. Super Fancy graphics Docm77 confirmed in a tweet that sometime in the future, a new graphics setting will be added to Minecraft called "super fancy." This could be in reference to the upcoming ray tracing functionality being added to Minecraft. Blaze3D A new Java Edition render engine called Blaze3D has been confirmed many times by Searge. There are also many references to this system in the game files, although it has not been functionally implemented. Continue Reading