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About Us

Welcome to the, a community of dedicated Minecraft fans. Let us tell you about us a little. This site is made by three friends who love the game since their college times!

MinecraftWe are Steve, Chris, and Tony, the graduates of the IT technology faculty, and Minecraft enthusiasts. The first time we’ve explored the game, we were on our second college year, and since that time, there was no day we didn’t play it. Tony, our designer, is also the Minecraft creator, who develops skins and other addons for the game. Chris is the part-time architect, who always comes up with great ideas and realizes them in the Minecraft world, and Steve is just the geekiest one.

The idea of this site was our common decision when we discovered that every one of us had spent more than 300 hours playing the game. Of course, there are things that we’ve explored and learned, so we decided to gather our knowledge to share it with you!